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How We Are Generating A Predictable Stream of Daily Leads For Bankruptcy Lawyers Without Spending More On Advertising!

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Many law firms run ads to eBooks (lead magnets) on the front end. Unfortunately, that strategy often creates window shoppers who are difficult to convert into actual paying clients. We do it differently. 

We first capture leads of people who are ready to schedule a bankruptcy consultation, and only after they have contacted you requesting a consult do we give them a free eBook on the back-end. This helps to further establish a connection with the prospect, and increases the likelihood that the lead will show up, pen in hand, and ready to sign your retainer.

You will receive an original eBook written for you and your campaign.

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Example of an actual ebook written for a client.

Your Free eBook will be:

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The question I want you to ask yourself is, “What would it do for your practice if this actually works the way I said it will?”

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