Case Study: 300% Increase in New Client Consults For Divorce Attorney

Law Office of Linda L Piff,LLC.
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The Law Office of Linda L. Piff, LLC practices collaborative law and mediation which helps divorcing or separating couples reach amicable solutions without court interventions.


Created marketing funnel that tripled her new client paid consultations on an ad spend budget of less than $10 per month.

How We Did It

The first time I met family law attorney Linda Piff, Esq. (Law Office of Linda L. Piff), she was impressed with my system, but she was also a little hesitant. Because let's face it, you get sales calls every day from marketing guys who promise the world but rarely deliver anything more than fancy reports that show a lot of activity but don't produce a steady stream of new clients.

Yet, she reluctantly agreed to give me a try.

The next time I saw Linda, a few months later, she walked up, kissed me and gave the most enthusiastic chest-crushing bear hug I think I have ever had.

By the the way, she's not the only client who has planted a big wet one on the side of my face to thank me for the results they have gotten.

(Fortunately, for the sake of my marriage, most clients just write me glowing testimonials and send me tons of referrals.)

Based on our extensive client research, we know that people start contemplating divorce anywhere from six months to three years before they are ready to sit down with a lawyer for a consultation. During that time they are researching their options.

If someone is in the initial contemplation phase of 6 months to 3 years and in their research they see your ad or find your website,

Do you think they are going to respond to a call to action that says “Schedule a consultation”?

Probably not.

During this stage, that is a pretty big threshold to cross. And so, most law firms are targeting only those people who are ready to act right now.  Those who are not ready to jump, have no choice but to close their web browsers and forget about you.

Next month, when they finally decide to act, they will go to Google once again, and although they liked what they saw on your website, they won’t remember your name.  And so, another professional gets the business because it takes an average of 7 exposures to your brand before someone remembers you and contacts you.

Therefore, if you are only advertising to those who are ready to schedule right now you're wasting a large percentage of your advertising dollars. Therefore, we decided to create a campaign that would be effective at any stage of the journey for potential clients.

We needed a campaign that would:

1.Only target those most likely to need a divorce attorney at some point (now or in future),

2. Offer a lower threshold to appeal to people at any stage of the journey,

3. Ensure that they remember you when they are ready to schedule a consultation.

The answer was to create an ebook that could be offered for free on her website and in advertising. 

We wrote her book titled No Court Divorce - A Better Way To Divorce and we started offering it on her website and promoting it through Facebook advertising.

The results has been a 300% increase in client paid consultations.

The following is a letter I received from Linda.

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