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Law Office of Linda L. Piff

The Law Office of Linda L. Piff TRIPLED Their Weekly New Client Consultations.

Project Details

The Law Office of Linda L Piff, LLC. has been a client since 2013. 

The first time I met family attorney Linda Piff, she was intrigued by my approach for generating more clients, but she was also a little hesitant. Because let’s face it, attorneys get sales calls almost daily from marketing agencies who promise the world, but rarely deliver anything more than fancy reports that show a lot of activity, but fail to produce a steady stream of new clients.

Even so, she reluctantly agreed to give us a try.

The next time I saw Linda a few months later, she walked up, kissed me on the cheek and gave me the most enthusiastic chest-crushing bear hug I think I have ever had.

By the way, she’s not the only client who has planted a big wet one on the side of my face to thank me for the results they have gotten.

Fortunately, for the sake of my marriage, most clients simply write glowing testimonials and send tons of referrals.

What we did:

We created a Factor 7 Funnel offering a free eBook and promoted it using Facebook ads and video marketing and blog articles. 


The Results:

Weekly new client consultations TRIPLED. Oh, and by the way, she doesn’t offer free consultations. These are paid consults.


Why did it work?

Books are one of the most effective ways to market without marketing. They allow you to gain attention, establish credibility and build trust.

E-books also offer a tremendous opportunity for capturing leads and engaging with people at all stages of their journey. When you offer an eBook you have the opportunity to capture the leads whether they are just in the initial information gathering stages or ready to hire an attorney as well as everything in between.

Most lawyers offer only one reason to contact them (to schedule a consult), but the truth is most people contemplate divorce anywhere from 3 months to three years before they are ready to schedule consult.

By marketing only to those who are ready to make an appointment now, you are losing 90% of your web traffic to “I’ll think about it some more.” The problem is when they are ready to contact an attorney next week or next month, the chances of them remembering your name or finding your website on their next Google search or slim.

This is why it is so important to connect and engage with your website visitor before they get distracted and close their browser. Give them a free eBook and you will continue building that relationship as they read it over the next few days or weeks. It positions you like nothing else can because people don’t view it as marketing. You are providing valuable information to help your prospect. As they consume your content it will continue to establish you as a a trusted expert in your field.

Linda has had consults with people who said they found out about her because a friend emailed her book to them. It’s the marketing that keeps on giving. Promoting the Law Office of Linda L. Piff with her free ebook over the last few years as created an avalanche of daily leads.  

Campaigns like this tend to build momentum like a snow ball rolling down a hill. At this point even if we stopped running ads (we won’t) the leads from  her books would likely still be rolling in months or even years later.

Are You Ready To Start Generating Your Own Unstoppable Avalanche Of Leads?