​Family Law & Collaborative Practice Portfolio

Below you will find a portfolio of work completed for family law attorneys and collaborative professionals including ghostwriting of books and articles, video production and marketing, audio podcasting, and print graphic design and publishing.

Ghostwriting - Books and Articles


The following is a small sample of books ghost written by Dustin Cannon for family law clients. These books were written entirely by Dustin. 

Client: South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals

This short e-book followed by a directory of the South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals is available for download at their website and is currently in the process of being printed in full color as well.

This is a new project as of June 2018 and was just recently launched.

The interior pages are in full color and the content part of a deliberate marketing funnel to generate consults for the group.

Client: Law Office of Linda L. Piff, ESQ.

This book was written for the client in 2015. It is available for free on her website and it is also promoted via Facebook advertising and has been responsible for literally hundreds of paid consults. This campaign generates 10 to 30 paid consults per month.

We are currently in the process of having it printed in paperback form. It will be available on Barnes & Noble as well as other booksellers websites and will also be used as part of a program to generate referral business.

Client: Law Offices of Laura M. D'Orsi, L.L.C

Facing Divorce is an e-book written for the client. Is available on her website for download is used as content marketing to brand yourself and generate consultations.

This is the second book written for this client. The first book is titled Guide To Untying The Knot 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer.

Family Law and Collaborative Practice Blogs and Articles

The following articles were ghostwritten for the client for their blog or other websites. The logo indicates the client the articles were written for. To read any article, click on the title and you will be take to the article on the client's website. A new window will open so you don't have to lose your place here. 🙂

Client: New Jersey Divorce Talk Radio (I own and host this program.)

C. Catherine Jannarone, Esq

Divorce Attorney (Retired)

So Good I Thought I Had Written It Myself.

As an attorney with 30 years experience, I have high standards for the content I publish on my website. Dustin is an excellent writer. The truth is the first time he wrote for me it was so good I thought I had written it myself.

Video Production & Marketing

Client: Law Office of Linda L. Piff, LLC

The following videos were created for the client have been used on their website, landing pages and have also been uploaded to YouTube.

I created and managed all aspects of the video including overall concept, script thank you writing, animation, music, and overall production.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

What Is Divorce Mediation?

How To Divorce Without Going To Court

Child Petitions New Jersey Divorce Court To Hug Her Daddy

Client: Mid Jersey Collaborative Alliance

Audio Podcasting

New Jersey Divorce Talk Radio

I own and produce New Jersey Divorce Talk Radio. This program was created as a marketing strategy for the various collaborative professionals New Jersey.

Collaborating on a Premarital Agreement Without Destroying The Romance

In this episode, family law attorney Anna–Maria Pittella. Esq., Certified Financial Planner  John Caroli and Dr. Karen B. Donahue, PsyD talk about how to collaborate on a premarital agreement without destroying the romance.

Alimony, Taxes and The Transfer of Marital Property

In this episode, family attorney, Daniel H. Green, and Certified Public Accountant, Marshall A. Morris, CPA, ABV, CFF, discuss tax issues concerning alimony and the new NJ statute on alimony.

Print Graphic Design and Publishing

Client: Collaborative Divorce Professionals

The following is a tri-fold printed brochure created for the client. We provide the whole package from concept and design to printing and delivery to your door.

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